16 July 2017

Elegy for Mother of Father

Who was Violet Ruth Earle?
her blood courses through me,
I have been compared to her–

not exactly a compliment
where I come from:
bad seed, anyone?

Adopted under clouds
of innuendo no one knew
from where, from what, from who

she was.

Whispers followed her into
marriage with Ben yet it
lasted a quarter century until

she walked out on the man–
left him with the kids–
to party with Jack;

at least she knew Jack–
shit, I don't know who
I am without knowing who

she was.

She thought
Ben's bible thumping
wasn't much fun;

she was
so I'm told
and wanted more–
who ever had too much fun?

Ben played chess, collected
stamps, sang in the choir,
hung out in the church of our fathers:

all sterling pursuits, yet
Pilgrim's progress sounds
light in the fun department.

She knew
Jack had the letters of transit;
she could get out of Casablanca.

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