16 July 2017

Billie's Songette

My dad stopped over last night on his way
uptown to hear Billie Holiday sing:
Lester Young, Duke, they'll show, I know she'll bring
a crowdlet's be early to hear them play.
We can pick up some girls at the bar, pay
upfront for the discountthat's a good thing
for us to do! We'll have a great time, sling
the bull, wow the babes, we'll be makin' hay!”

Saddle up!” he said, “We'll go in your car.”
So out we went, picked up girls, had some drinks.
All that time, our pastwastedin a bar:
poured him in the backseat, hammered, that stinks.
In the mirror, he's sitting uprightfar
from live, I think, until he smilesand winks.

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