09 July 2017

Vanishing Point

The redemptive value of suffering -

       an interesting concept
       chatted up by papal powers -

leads to thoughts of choices (you know, decisions)
taken (or not taken) throughout your life.

      A decision tree, a useful tool
      for deciding:

Take the Path to Perdition
Take the Road to Redemption
a decision fork arrives.

Of course neither conduit is labeled.

      Is it Redemption?


      Is it Perdition?

Looking back, using keenest hindsight,
      I see I sometimes took
      the Path, and other times,
      the Road; the Path
      more often than not.

Ah, and now the key question
      I face:

Is suffering synonymous with pain?

I think yes, Pain is suffering, they are synonyms.


Which choice brought the fiercest pain?
      I had that answer
      I would know
There is redemptive value in suffering.

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