10 July 2017

6 August

           in Maine.
Summer's at the Lake,
The Lake's surface gray-scale

Little Boy2 dives toward
           the water.
Waiting, the Great Artiste3
Light: yellow, orange, red,
           mushroom – over ground zero.

         Hiroshima, 1945

Ripples spread across
           the Lake,
Driven by a light breeze
           from the West,
Summer's at the Lake,
           rain in Maine.

1. Actual weather at Moosehead Lake,
    Maine, on 6 August 1945
2. the 1st (for delivery) atomic bomb
    built at Los Alamos
3. the Great Artiste: name the crew gave to the
    B-29 bomber that recorded all measurements
    & events on the bombing run

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